Khao Lak, Thailand Travel Guide

Khao Lak is a quiet, serene area nestled on the west coast of Thailand. While full of lush jungles and appealing beaches, Khao Lak hasn’t yet arrived on the tourism yet. Your tour of Khao Lak will probably be quite relaxing because of its quiet location, so you have to adapt to a slower pace in this area. Many of the locals live in small villages or in huts on the seashore and make a living by selling their wares to tourists and fishing. You won’t find fancy resorts or high-rise skyscrapers in Khao Lak. Instead, you will stay in the secluded and charming accommodations that perfectly fit the region’s natural surroundings.







Khao Lak is a beautiful beach area with several stretches of turquoise green waters, rocky outcroppings, and white sand, it may be difficult to get away from the coast. The main stretches of sand are the strip in front of La On Village and Nang Thong Beach. They are very close to the restaurant and the main shopping areas, so you need not go too far from your accommodation to get to them. Check out the Khao Lak Beach if you want to go a bit further afield. It is 5km away from Bang Niang Beach or La On, Pak Week, Hat Bang Sak, Hat Pakarang.

The dramatic rock formations and perfectly clear waters of Phang Nga Bay make the ideal place for a day trip from Khao Lak. The Ao Phang Nga National Park has stunning blue and green waters as well as amazing ocean scenery and lush jungle greenery.

With the dazzling Surin and Similan islands lying offshore offering some of the best diving opportunities in Thailand, Khao Lak is the perfect place to join a liveaboard. There are lots of companies offering multiple day trips into the coral reefs and you can book most from dive shops, guest houses, and tourism agencies in town. You can’t beat the amazing and eerie sunken giants if you are into wreck diving. One of the most fascinating things you can do in Thailand is joining a liveaboard trip.

Of course, Khao Lak sightseeing includes a tour of the region’s interior. Beautiful waterfalls and tropical jungles are located on the coastline, so you can emerge from exploring the interior and splash straight into the Andaman Sea. Head to Cheo Larn Lake for even more natural beauty. This 64sqm freshwater lake is located near Khao Lak and navigable by boat. You will sport some really stunning landscapes here.

How to Plan For a Family Vacation on a Budget?

Going for a vacation with a family should not be the cause of breaking the bank and landing you in huge debts. You need to focus on the place where the family wants to go for a vacation and try to budget towards it.

Ensure to budget your plans within your means and identify some of the best package deals for your family. You will need to do a lot of the research and formulate plans that will suit your family.

Identify the best bargain destinations and come up with money saving strategies. Here are some of the best budget-friendly destinations for your family.

Family Vacation on a Budget

Here are some major tips to consider when planning for a budget vacation for a family. The tips include:

Planning for Vacation

Budgeting for a vacation is quite important since it will help to remove some things that are not necessary. You will be able to make some changes where necessary and make some corrections.

Vacation Theme

Pick a nice theme that will help to guide you before heading for vacation. Several destinations have different offers for holidays. Choose activities that are quite affordable.

Doing a lot of research and planning will help you to identify some of the low-cost areas to visit with your family. Having a theme will offer the direction to where to visit and it is quite flexible.

Create Celebration

Sometimes it can be tricky to travel for vacation for several days especially if you have a limited budget. Therefore, you will need to create a small celebration in your garden in order to cut down on the number of days of going away with the family.

The process will help to reduce on the other number of expenses of going on a vacation for several days instead the celebration will help to activate the mood to enjoy the vacation. Just make it simple by preparing some drinks and barbeque.

Prepare the Vacation Calendar

Involve your family members to decide which event or activity to start with while heading for a vacation. Prepare each event or activities one by one in order to avoid missing each of them. It is going to help you get more out of the vacation.

Last Minute Deals

Going for last minute deals can also be possible when planning for a family vacation on a limited budget. You subscribe from the online platforms in order to get an overview of prices before you start planning for the vacations.

Tips by which you can enjoy a discounted trip

You can visit to different places in and outside the country with limited cost, but it may depend upon the time or the place you want to visit. Yu can spend your holidays in different places of the world like the Spain, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. For such trips you have to contact to the traveling agents and they can inform you when they have discounted season for you. The discounted holidays are not the cheap or the simple holidays, but you can enjoy the fantastic time with the discounted holidays.


Bargaining is one of the best techniques by which you can enjoy the discounted trips. You can bargain with the hotel management and explain them your requirements. They will give you the best rates with which you can have affordable trip. Similarly, you can also bargain with different traveling agents to get the best package for your travel. Online mean is the easiest way with the help of which you can go for the discounted rates offered by the companies.

Economic Hotels

The hotels in the different areas don’t have fixed prices for all the times. They offer special discounts at special events. For an example, when there is a tourist season they charge high while in other times, they charge minimum to overcome the expenses of hotels. We will recommend you to visit your favorite place in such a time when you can spend less for the hotel and enjoy more. If you do you research, a lot of these hotels are really quite nice too. Many staff from Albatross Roofing have this down to a science and have been able to stay in very high end hotels for a fraction of the cost during their travels.

Deals from the tourist agents

The tourist agents also give you excellent discounts when there is off season for the tourist and you can enjoy there at economic price. For this, you must remain in contact with the tourist agent and they will guide you for the most perfect time to travel. You can also opt for minimum days offer from the travel agents.

Discounted Airline tickets

Just like the hotels the airline tickets also give discounts to the people who are the regular customers of the company or who have provided much revenue. They also offer occasional discounts to their customers. The business class seat is usually expensive, but in the discounted times, you can enjoy those too. Sometime they are offer buy one get one discount that is the best for the couples. You can enjoy with your spouse in one ticket. So if you get such a chance don’t miss it.